Healing Passion

Maria Luisa
Diana Coe
Healing Passion, the lives of four women who through fame & heartbreak come together, trying to heal their lives and find more than friendship...  Women loving women, finding passion once again.


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Table Of Contents


Chapter 1
Want An Autograph?

Chapter 2
Late Night Calls

Chapter 3
Voice Mail, Messages,
and Text, Oh My!

Chapter 4
Three Women,
One Weekend

Chapter 5
Comfort in a
Younger Woman's Arms

Chapter 6
Cut, Run, or Deal

Chapter 7
Her Letter, My Heartbreak

Chapter 8
A Lunch, A Leaving,
A Longing

Chapter 9
Hold On To Me

Chapter 10
Innocent Kisses

Chapter 11
Cry On Cue

Chapter 12
Kat Fight

Chapter 13
Fears, Feelings, Fantasies

Chapter 14
Purring Dreams

Chapter 15
Sweetness & Sorrow

Chapter 16

Chapter 17
Awarding Announcements

Chapter 18
Touch and Release

Chapter 19
Choose Me

Chapter 20
Mind, Body, and Soul

Chapter 21
Red Rock Retreat

Chapter 22
Calm Within

Chapter 23
Awarding Tears


Chapter 24
A Mother's Love
To be announced

Chapter 25
The Other Woman

Chapter 26
Ashes to Ashes

Chapter 27
Scripts, Misses, Hits

Chapter 28
Tender Love

Chapter 29
Script My Life

Chapter 30
Hearts Healing Desire

Chapter 31
Full Circle

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This is a work of fiction.  Characters, corporations, institutions, and organizations in this novel are the product of the author's imagination, or, if real, are used fictitously without any intent to describe their actual conduct.

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