Meet the Women of

Healing Passion

Katherine Lucette

30 years old, a worldly sophisticated actress, one of the top 10 most beautiful actresses in the business and she knows it.  She has dark brown long hair, green eyes and a killer smile, 5'7", slender athletic....well read, loves adventure, poetry and one writer in particular.

Samantha Stanley

Rock 'n' roll queen with a sultry voice, her concerts sell out and she has been an out lesbian since high school.  5'4", dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, 42 years old...loves women, a good drink and is looking for a wife....after years of playing the field and not wanting to be tied down she wants a wife and a life.

Amanda Lazzetti

40 years old, writer by night and a hidden life as a surrogate....helping when counseling can't -- she helps women recover from sexual trauma.  Friends with the other women, best friends actually, that she also keeps hidden because she doesn't want the attention, and especially doesn't want to share what she does.  She is 5'2", curvacious, long dirty blonde hair, intense dark brown eyes.

Joanna Stewart

Jo is 24 years old, mature for her age, sweet, loving but a very strong gal.  5'6", strawberry blonde, light blue eyes, works at the rape crisis center, a good friend of Amanda's who helped her.  They have now built a strong friendship.

All of these women hide secrets from the world, from each other and even the fact that they are friends is not known to even all four....but as they get closer, the truth is revealed, lives are changed, and eventually can be healed if they each will just allow each other into their world inside.

Healing Passion is a work of fiction about the lives of women who are on path that will take them on a journey to healing from the trauma of their past.  They are all finding their way back to the passion that makes life worth living.