From the Author

Welcome to the launch of my new website for my latest book, called Healing Passion.

I am thrilled to be releasing this book as a web publication.  It took much thought as to how to approach this.  I felt compelled to put this out without dealing with publishing in the traditional way.  The purpose for my writing is the connection I make with others.  If I can touch one life by something that I have written then it has all been worth it.

Fortunately, I have heard from so many of you about my poetry and other articles or topics that I have written about that I knew that making this book available for free on the web was what would make the most sense to me.  I believe very deeply in Karma and for me my writing has been nothing short of a blessing.  The connection I have made with all sorts of people, mainly women from all walks of life, has been the payment without end.

In life it is what you give that means the most.

Thank you for taking the time to read Healing Passion.  It has been and continues to be a labor of pure love.

A special note of thanks:

To the women who are so encouraging to me about my writing and so much more.

To the respectful, kind and gentle men who are wonderful friends.

Thank you to my editor and to my webmaster for being so kind and considerate.

To the women in my life past, present and future thank you for blessing me with your sharing, your love and our continuing healing connection to each other.

I am forever humbled by the strength of a woman to endure the most horrific depths of pain and sorrow and somehow find the will to heal and do so in such grace and with such beauty that you inspire me always.  Your stories, and sharing with you has moved me to tears and touched my soul on so many occasions.

I can truly say that I have lived a life touched by ultimate beauty.

Maria Luisa