On Summer Vacation, Healing Passion will return with new chapter releases beginning this Fall!!

News & Updates

Thank you for visiting the Healing Passion website.  I'm so grateful to all of you who visit and I appreciate your comments and e-mails very much.  It's always a gift to know that what one writes is being enjoyed and is touching others.

Since I hired my wonderful editor, Diana, last summer things have moved along at a very good pace.  We've released over 20 chapters now and are continuing to work on future chapter releases in a timely manner.  It continues to be a pleasure working with Diana and I'm very pleased with the direction and development that Healing Passion has taken.  I am grateful and blessed to be working with such a talented woman.  Editing is a skill all its own and I admire those who do it.  The relationship between an author and her editor is special one.  You're entrusting your creative work and soul to another person in whom you must have immense faith to bring forth the best from yourself.  It's a unique partnership which helps one to stretch, grow and make the story the best it possibly can be.

As we continue, you will notice new chapter additions from time to time showing up in the index.  This is still a creative work in progress.  You can also check out my Twitter page or Facebook page to get the latest information and updates on my poetry and Healing Passion websites.

Of all the things I have written, this is the most personal and meaningful for me in many ways.  This project is truly a labor of love.

I continue to work on my other fictional work in progress, as well as my non-fiction book dealing with philosophy and the modern world.  It takes a lot of time, especially when dealing with philosophy that incorporates a quantum viewpoint.  Another work in progress that is quite a bit of fun to work on is my lesbian erotica collection of short stories.  In addition, I continue to post poetry at my site femmepoet.com, which now includes over 380 poems and has an updated style to make them easier to read.

I am currently in the process of finishing up the redesigned website for femmepoet.com which will feature pull down menus and alternate poetry indexes.  You will also be able to access my writes in my Courage To Evolve and Femme Perspective series.  Look for the new femmepoet.com site to be unveiled in early Fall.

Thank you for reading Healing Passion.  I enjoy your comments and emails immensely. 

Life goes by so quickly, so remember to cherish every moment.

Always wishing you the best,

Maria Luisa
August 22, 2010