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Maria Luisa is an intense and reclusive author and poetess who resides in the desert southwest in Arizona.  If you want to know what the author has been up to lately, you can read her various posts here at femmepoet.com.  In addition, check out her latest tweets on Twitter, or the official Facebook page for femmepoet.  Follow her and check out her latest pins on Pinterest.

We want to welcome you to the newly designed website.  It took us some time but here at femmepoet.com we wanted combine most of Maria’s various sites into one easy to use, easy to find place.  From here you can check out her latest writing under Courage to Evolve, Femme Perspective, as well as her latest poetry and quotes, and get updated information on her novel Healing Passion.  We still have a separate site for Healing Passion that will be going through its own makeover soon.

We hope you enjoy the new site.  You’ll find a menu bar at the top that gives you access to various pieces by the author, as well as a new ways to search for her poetry by year or by title.

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I love to learn, question everything, and continue to grow as a woman, a friend, a lover, and human being.

I'm a very intense woman by nature and being true to all that I am is life affirming and joyous now.  I am a Scorpio with a Sagittarius rising (an intense combination), unconventional, and proud that I believe in freedom for all.  I see myself as a human being first, a woman second.  I am passionate, compassionate, empathic, voluptuous, soft, and gentle.  I am strong, emotional, and a loving, loyal, real friend.

I adore people who are at peace with being themselves and see life from all different levels—who are open and honest no matter what the cost.  I enjoy small groups of people, but prefer one-on-one time with someone discussing life—anything deep or intense—something real.  The most special of moments are the ones of trust and depth in revealing conversation that allows each to heal and share what is real—that is truly life affirming.

I have a diverse set of interests that include science, astronomy, philosophy, nature, charity work, and of course, technology.  Understanding world issues, researching and learning about the world and other cultures and countries is another passion (especially when it deals with helping others and promoting an understanding of the world we share).  It would be wonderful for all us to remember that the word "human" should remind us of humanity of which we are all a part—to remember to be humane and to treat each other and this precious world humanely.  I always say that you can judge a person by the way they show their humanity, not just by their words.

Knowing more about the world around us and within us opens us to understanding so much more about ourselves.

Thank you for visiting!

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